Why do Independent Inventors Need Our Help?

Here at PRR we understand how Independent Inventors have been shut out of the patenting process.  Most folks don’t realize that obtaining a Patent is every United Stated Citizens Right according to the U.S. Constitution!

– Costs from patent Attorneys and firms can range between $8k-15k just to write and file!

– The United States Patent Office (USPTO) has complicated the process to the point of

intimidating Independent Inventors out of completing the process themselves.

– The U.S. is a First to File jurisdiction, NOT a First to Invent, so the guy with the resources to file usually gets

the patent.

With PRR, we  walk you through every step of the process with detailed guidance, access to templates, videos, drawings and hundreds of samples in your field of technology.

Time for innovation to bypass the bottleneck of Big Business!  Just think if every person in the Country that had a good idea was actually able to achieve patent protection, our economy would be driven by a new force never before seen.  New jobs for manufacturers, retail sales, warehousing, web developers, advertisers and the list goes on and on.